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Things You Can Do During Your Salisbury Airport Transfer

Oct 2018

Journeys to and from the airport can be tiresome, particularly if they are long ones. They may seem like time that is wasted, but what if we approached them as opportunities? Opportunities to retreat from the busyness of life, to switch off; or conversely to get things done. An airport transfer from Salisbury to Heathrow takes around eighty minutes, while an airport transfer from Salisbury to Gatwick can take around two hours. Below are some suggestions for the best ways to spend the time during your next airport transfer. For executive Salisbury airport transfers, contact Spire Travel on 01722 320320 or book online.


woman reading during airport transfer from salisbury

Fiction, non-fiction; fantasy, horror, biography, history. Whether you’re an avid reader or only read occasionally, reading is a great way to pass the time on a journey to the airport. Provided you don’t suffer from motion sickness, in which case a book is not recommended, you can sit back in our comfy leather interior and lose yourself in a world of your choosing. These days you don’t even need to come prepared with a book. Thanks to apps like Kindle and Kobo, you can browse from hundreds of thousands of books on your phone or tablet and download them there and then. Is there a book someone has recommended recently? What about a book that you’ve been meaning to get to for a while but simply haven’t had the time. Switch off and get stuck into a good book and let the time fly by.


woman asleep in car during salisbury airport transfer

For busy people, sleep can sometimes feel like more of a luxury than a necessity. Nonetheless, sleep is vital to our health and development and has been proven to increase productivity as well as offering a myriad of other benefits to boot. Take advantage of your airport transfer journey as an opportunity to catch up on some of that precious sleep. Our luxury vehicles are designed with comfort in mind. Settle back into your seat and let yourself drift off. You’ll feel much better for it, trust us.


man checking email in car

If sleep is not your thing and you need to be kept busy, an airport transfer journey is a great opportunity to catch up on all those emails that have been filling your inbox and you haven’t yet had a chance to get to. On a journey from Salisbury to Heathrow or Gatwick, you’ll have plenty of time to make a sizeable dent in your inbox.

Stare out of the Window

Yes, we’re really suggesting it. Have you ever tried it? Just looking out of the window on long car journeys can help you relax and make space for new thoughts and ideas in your mind. This TED talk explains how boredom can actually be good for us in this age of constant stimulation and distraction at the touch of a button. Watch it here:



Catch up with People

woman on phone to friends during airport transfer salisbury

These days, many people prefer to stay in touch via social media or by sending a quick text over long phone conversations. However, by doing this you often miss out on really connecting and finding out what is actually going on in people’s lives. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to catch up with an old friend or family member. A car journey is a great chunk of time that you have available to dedicate to building up and nurturing existing relationships.

Watch a TV Show

woman watching tv show in car during airport transfer

If you have a tablet, phone or laptop to hand you can spend your airport transfer journey catching up on the latest episode of your new favourite show, or even a show you haven’t tried yet. Your journey from Salisbury to Gatwick or Salisbury to Heathrow will give you at least enough time to watch one hour-long episode. Lose yourself in some interesting drama, uplifting comedy or interesting documentary series. You could even watch a TED talk like the above talk on boredom and learn something new.


Before all the busyness of the airport, it is wise to spend time during your airport transfer simply relaxing and resting. At Spire Travel, we want to make sure our clients feel relaxed during their journeys to and from the airport, so will do our utmost to ensure your journey is an enjoyable one. If you’d like to book an airport transfer from Salisbury, contact us on 01722 320320 or complete our easy online booking form.


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