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What Type of Traveller Are You Really?

Jun 2019

Have you ever wondered what type of traveller you are? Do you like to plan ahead or go with the flow? Would you rather take a relaxing ocean cruise or trek through the rainforest? Take our quiz below to find out exactly the type of traveller you are.

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Read the full list of traveller types below. 


Thrill Seeker

thrill seeker paraglider

You are a true adrenaline junkie. You’ll search high and low for the biggest and the best adventures, be it skydiving, mountain climbing or swimming with sharks. Relaxing is not in your vocabulary. You’re a daredevil at heart.



man and woman lying in car camping travel

Travel is not an activity for you. It’s a lifestyle. You go away at every opportunity. Whether it’s a short weekend city break or a camping trip to a nearby woods. You work hard during the week, but the weekends are where you can indulge your true passion for travel, making the most of every moment.



backpacker putting camera in backpack

You travel light. You don’t let the mundane or the everyday drag you down and are always up for an adventure. A free spirit, you want to experience anything and everything, making new friends and connections along the way. Your life is in your trusty backpack and you don’t mind roughing it in the interest of making the most of your experiences.


Life of the Party

two backpackers arms raised having fun

You travel best with a group of family or friends. People to experience the excitement and wonders of each destination with. Fun loving and free, you are the life and soul of the party. You welcome in newcomers and are always the first to dive into new activities, dragging the rest of the group along for the ride. You’re up for anything, so long as it’s fun and your companions are beside you.



map on table and two people planning travel

You are the organised one. You love to travel with a well planned schedule in order to make the most of your trip. You do the research and plan the itinerary. Without you, the trip would be that little bit less memorable. You know all the best places to go, things to do and sights to see. Your travelling companions might not always say it, but they are grateful for your meticulous planning. Remember to enjoy yourself and not get too caught up in the plan. A little improvisation is necessary sometimes.



maldives beach tropical island with clear waters

Travel for you is about getting away from the everyday. Indulging yourself and finding some much-needed rest and relaxation. You don’t feel pressured to always be doing something. You’re busy enough in real life. That being said, you enjoy experiencing new destinations and partaking in relaxing activities such as wine tasting, boat cruises and enjoying the best local cuisine. Travel restores your soul.


Soul Searcher

woman at sunset, arms outstretched, soul searching

You travel first and foremost to discover more of yourself. You like to think deeply about life and the meaning of your experiences. Usually alone when travelling, you relish the opportunity to bask in your surroundings, going on long thought-filled strolls, taking in the view and listening to the sounds around you. Like other types of travellers, you want to make the most of every moment. But for you, these moments are often found in the smaller, simpler pleasures.


City Explorer

city aerial shot

You love the hustle and bustle of urban life. You love getting lost in a new city, discovering hidden gems and soaking up the local culture. Vibrant nightlife, busy streets and plenty of activities make your trips memorable. Guidebook in hand, you leave your accommodation first thing in the morning and often don’t return until late into the evening, exhausted and happy. You joyfully squeeze every last drop out of your travels.


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