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How to Win at Business Travel – Part II

May 2019

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If you’re looking for a way to make travelling on business easier and less stressful, you’ve come to the right place. In How to Win at Business Travel – Part I, we reminded ourselves of the importance of:

  • Planning ahead

  • Packing smart

  • NEVER checking a bag

  • Dressing well for travel

  • Staying healthy

In Part II, we’ve found more helpful tips and advice to help you succeed when it comes to business travel.

Travel Apps

business woman using travel apps on phone

In this technological era, apps are our friends. They help us with pretty much everything from doing our shopping, managing our money, booking our transport and even keeping tabs on our health, as well as keeping us connected. There are a whole host of handy apps that can aid the frequent business traveller. Here are just a few:


TripAdvisor – odds are you’ve heard of TripAdvisor (and if you haven’t, where have you been?). Having this app on your smartphone or tablet can be a godsend when you’re in a new place and trying to find somewhere to grab a working lunch that isn’t McDonald’s. Fodors is also a great app to help you find places to visit and things to do around the area.


Spotify – As a business traveller, you’ll know all too well the monotony of being stuck in the airport due to another flight delay, with no entertainment. Get the Spotify or Apple Music app on your phone to listen to your favourite playlists and transport you anywhere that isn’t the boarding queue.


Loyalty apps – Hotels, car rental, airport transfers. When you travel frequently, that’s where these apps really start to pay off. Take the app for example, for every nine nights booked, you get a tenth free. Or the Hilton Honors app, that gives you points for free stays Loyalty pays.


Stay Secure

hotel room door security open

If you’re travelling with a laptop, tablet or other expensive items, it’s important to take steps to make sure your valuable possessions are kept secure at all times. If possible, don’t leave any valuables in your hotel room when you’re not there. Putting the Do Not Disturb sign on the door when you leave will create the illusion that you are still in the room, so would-be thieves will be put off trying to enter.


Make Time for Enjoyment

man sightseeing in sweden

A job that allows you to travel is a dream come true for many. Of course, they imagine seeing exciting places and enjoying all that they have to offer. Not the all too familiar reality of meeting rooms, conference centres and hotel lobbies, with hardly a moment to enjoy your surroundings.


If you can, however, take the opportunity to take a look around and maybe plan some activities or sightseeing while you’re there. Look before you go what’s around nearby and make an effort to get up early and go exploring. Airbnb Experiences is great for planning last-minute activities in the area you’re staying. Alternatively, ask the staff at your hotel what is around to see and do. If you’re really limited on time – pick one thing you really want to see and make the effort to go. You’ll feel better for it.


Even better, if you’re able to travel back a day or two later, you can make time for some serious sightseeing as well as some R&R after all your hard work.


It’s important to get some rest, especially if you’re dealing with the effects of jet lag. Try to balance your work around some activities you find relaxing, such as going for a stroll, a swim in the hotel pool, a trip to the spa or even just some time alone reading. These activities will help energise you and ensure you’re ready for the next session or meeting.


Keep in Touch

large family keeping in touch with relative over video chat

Frequent travel can be a lonely business. Days or even weeks away from your loved ones. Nights alone in hotel rooms. It can feel pretty isolating. So, it’s extra important to keep in touch with those you love when you’re travelling. Make it a priority. Whether that means Skyping with your kids before bedtime, checking in with friends via text or exchanging emails, these simple acts will help you feel more connected to your loved ones, even with thousands of miles between you.


Several business travellers have reported that they find it helpful bringing something from home to help them adjust to their ever changing surroundings. This could be as small as a favourite pen, a family photo or a pair of slippers. Having a constant with you will help you feel more grounded and less distant from your familiar surroundings.


Have a Positive Attitude

colleagues looking at a tablet problem solving

It’s easy to get worn down and cynical when you’re an experienced business traveller. But it can be helpful to keep a positive attitude. Not only will a positive attitude impress your boss and colleagues, when issues arise, getting into a proactive, problem solver mode will make you look great.


While it can be easy to get hung up on little annoyances like flight delays or rescheduled meetings, try not to let them get you down. Remember, it’s not forever.


We hope these tips will help you on your next business trip. If you’ve got any helpful tips, do share them with us on Facebook or Twitter.


Not finished? Here are a few more top tips from regular business travellers you might find useful.


  • If you’re renting a car, bring your own phone/sat nav mount for the car as often you will not get this as part of the rental package, or it will cost more
  • Take pictures of your receipts. This will make them easier to keep track of if you need to claim back your expenses.
  • Always be kind to flight attendants and hotel staff.
  • Anytime you can, eat local. Skip the chains.
  • Do some research to see if there are any relevant business meetups going on in the area. If you have time, it’s a great opportunity to network with people in your field and make connections.


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