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Jul 2015

Whilst going on holiday is seen as a luxury, and a wonderful way to relax and unwind with your spouse or partner, for many couples, the process of travelling is actually a cause of significant stress. According to reliable research, two thirds of couples row whilst they are on holiday, with half of those couples having a row before they have even reached their holiday destination. The fact is that travelling can be stressful: getting to the airport with enough time to spare, finding the right check in desk, and inevitably ending up with the luggage trolley that has a wonky wheel can also serve to

Removing Some of The Stress

Luckily, not every aspect of reaching your holiday destination has to be stressful. There’s no need to travel on the underground or by cramped and crowded bus when instead you could use an airport transfer service and have an air conditioned car pick you up and drop you off at the airport. Delayed trains and buses (particularly on London’s notoriously chaotic underground system) can only add additional stress to the already stressful process of reaching your holiday destination. Many people assume arranging private airport transfers will be very expensive but this simply isn’t the case, with rates being surprisingly competitive, especially when compared to the very expensive cost of airport parking. There’s no need to argue and row with your loved ones on route to your holiday destination when you have the option of choosing a much more attractive alternative. Regardless of whether you argue on your way to your summer holiday destination, it is clear that taking the time out of your busy day to day lives to enjoy a holiday together is a great way to strengthen relationships. According to the same piece of research, 56 per cent of couples said they had returned from their holiday feeling their relationship was stronger, regardless of whether they had rowed with their spouse on that holiday or not.

Business Travel Stress                                                      

The concept of travel stress isn’t exclusive to those individuals taking holidays and travelling for other recreational purposes. Although business travel tends to be hugely financially rewarding, it can also be massively stressful for those who undertake it, particularly the process of reaching your departure point and flying to your final destination. For frequent business travellers, the highest form of stress that they experienced was when their trips involved unpleasant ‘surprises’ like flight delays and lost luggage: usually fixed fairly quickly by a phonecall to your reputable travel insurers and other insurance providers (who can often help whilst you are still at your destination) but still a huge source of stress at the time, and one that could mar their business travel experience.  Delays in getting to the airport or in reaching their hotel once they had arrived at their destination  (travel issues that can almost certainly be avoided) were also reported as being huge stress factors. Research from American business magnets suggests that for every $1 of expenditure on the average business trip, £9.50 in revenue is generated equating to an average of £2.90 in profit. It is clear then that the expenditure of business travel is worth the investment put into it, and that there is plenty of money to be made but at what cost? Unless you do everything possible to eliminate the stress of business travel, business owners and executives will be unable to travel as much as necessary without that travel having detrimental effects on their health. Choosing a hassle free airport transfer, picking a hotel that has easy access to both the airport and the venues for your business meetings, and doing whatever else you can to minimise your travel stress then it essential.

No matter which London airport you need to transfer to or from, be that Heathrow, Gatwick, or one of the smaller and more peripheral London airports, we can help. Let us take out at least some of the stress of your travelling process, no matter whether you are travelling for business or pleasure. When you choose a private airport transfer, your journey (either professional or relaxing) begins from the moment that you enter the car and you can start to wave your stress and anxiety behind you. 


This is an article sent in by Sally Greaves

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